Madans - Dona Paula Goa

Living & Dining is dedicated to the Lady of the house. Bar & Pool area to the man. The custom built Granite & Marble combination dining table extends to become a pedestal for the female sculpture - Goddess Selene, she is the goddess of Moon. She depicts the nourishment she brings to the family. Flooring is White satvario with beige , Blue & gold accents in furniture & Linear Rug specially made for this space. Black Granite base to bring the contrast to the Sulpture. Massive painting is the Energy dance of Shiva & Shakti together in a abstract expression. 


Opposite side by the pool is the male sculpture - The Greek God Helios, The God of Sun. Sitting on on a Marble bench by the bar & Pool area. Representing the strength & power he adds to the family. Flame finish Granite with Brass inlay used for flooring. Walls with rustic cement finish with Brass inlay adds to the strong vibe of the space. Bar unit is made at site with specially treated SS sheets